A Simple Thank You

Well folks, it’s been about a year.  A year since we have had inserted into our daily rhetoric words and phrases like “mandate”…”new normal”…”stay at home order”…”pandemic”…”quarantine”…and “Tiger King”… We ALL have our stories.  As individuals, families, employees and employers, teachers and students, the curious, the fearful, the brave and the concerned. We have struggled, maintained, learned, and appreciated.  We’ve learned to “deal with it”…we’ve learned to cope.  We’ve been reminded that we are not only strong as individuals, but we have people around us that can help us and in turn may need our help. We at Red Rocks are no different. It’s been…real.

Real different. Real unsure at times. Real unsettling. But also real comforting. Comforting to know we’ve had the support and love of our extended families and regulars. Comforting to provide moments of escape. Comforting to be there for our community as much as it has been there for us now for the better of 3 decades.

No lie, but our beloved industry has been struggling. Thousands upon thousands of restaurants closing… some permanently. The costs of PPP products are not only scarce but have become atrociously costly… cases of gloves and masks now costing about the same as a round trip ticket to Hawaii. At times the employees were the only ones in the building just hoping the door would open with the smiling face of a guest.  And all along the bills must be paid, the products must be purchased, and our striving and love for service perseveres.

We’ve been fortunate and we take none of that for granted. For that, all of us at Red Rock, from our beLOVEd owners, the management team, the servers, kitchen staff and even Old Man Robert…WE THANK YOU.

Thank you for the patronage.
Thank you for trusting us.
Thank you for recommending us.
We love you all.
We thought we’d just let you know.
We are family. From employees to our guests.
We know each other.
We appreciate each other.
And, as the past year has proven, we need each other.

See you all soon… we count on it!