Features for April 22 Through the Weekend!

There are some delicious features at the Strawberry Hill Red Rocks through Sunday!!!


Beer Battered Lobster Fritters


Caribbean Salmon with Pineapple Cucumber Salsa


Grilled Medallions of Tender Beef Filet with Creamy Dijon Mushrooms


Have you heard about our new desserts…? Warm Fudge Brownie a la Mode, a GLUTEN FREE Key Lime Tart, Good Ol’ Southern Banana Pudding (you can say Nana puh’din we won’t judge) and a Silky Decadent Cinnamon Crumb Cake a la  Mode!!

ALL THIS plus your favorite Red Rocks menu items…truly something for everyone!!

Features for this Week!!!!

Some great features this week for you to come and enjoy!

Truffled Cauliflower Bites! Exciting to offer this unique appetizer. Lightly breaded and fried cauliflower florets tossed in white truffle oil with roasted garlic and parmesan. YUM!

For the steak lovers we are offering blackened twin filet medallions, grilled to your preference, atop oven roasted potatoes with sautéed asparagus and roasted corn puree. Decadently delicious!!!

And we know our guests love their salmon! Try this week’s offer of a pan seared fillet with pecan goat cheese risotto, super food sauté including shaved broccoli, kale and watermelon radishes and a tart balsamic vinaigrette.

We are showcasing a LAMARCA SPRITZER as a nice spring cocktail and as always…save room for dessert! (did someone say banana pudding…???!!!)

All this and OF COURSE our entire menu. Try our lobster tails, either as a steak accompaniment or as a dinner and please keep us in mind for your Sunday brunch!

A Simple Thank You

Well folks, it’s been about a year.  A year since we have had inserted into our daily rhetoric words and phrases like “mandate”…”new normal”…”stay at home order”…”pandemic”…”quarantine”…and “Tiger King”… We ALL have our stories.  As individuals, families, employees and employers, teachers and students, the curious, the fearful, the brave and the concerned. We have struggled, maintained, learned, and appreciated.  We’ve learned to “deal with it”…we’ve learned to cope.  We’ve been reminded that we are not only strong as individuals, but we have people around us that can help us and in turn may need our help. We at Red Rocks are no different. It’s been…real.

Real different. Real unsure at times. Real unsettling. But also real comforting. Comforting to know we’ve had the support and love of our extended families and regulars. Comforting to provide moments of escape. Comforting to be there for our community as much as it has been there for us now for the better of 3 decades.

No lie, but our beloved industry has been struggling. Thousands upon thousands of restaurants closing… some permanently. The costs of PPP products are not only scarce but have become atrociously costly… cases of gloves and masks now costing about the same as a round trip ticket to Hawaii. At times the employees were the only ones in the building just hoping the door would open with the smiling face of a guest.  And all along the bills must be paid, the products must be purchased, and our striving and love for service perseveres.

We’ve been fortunate and we take none of that for granted. For that, all of us at Red Rock, from our beLOVEd owners, the management team, the servers, kitchen staff and even Old Man Robert…WE THANK YOU.

Thank you for the patronage.
Thank you for trusting us.
Thank you for recommending us.
We love you all.
We thought we’d just let you know.
We are family. From employees to our guests.
We know each other.
We appreciate each other.
And, as the past year has proven, we need each other.

See you all soon… we count on it!

Chef Brian Peaver

Greetings everyone, my name is Brian Peaver, I’m the Executive Chef at Red Rocks Café in beautiful Birkdale Village and I’m here to introduce myself to all of our Red Rocks Café fans!

A bit about myself: A “restaurant child,” I grew up helping my mom out in the restaurant she managed in Greensboro, NC and fell in love with the business (even when she was calling me in to wash dishes on a Friday night after I was old enough to drive). When I went off to college at Appalachian State (Go Apps!), I found myself drawn to the close-knit restaurant world of Boone, NC and met some amazing chefs and friends along the way before relocating to Charlotte and getting married to my amazing wife. Red Rocks Café was the first place to snatch me up and utilize my talents and I’ve been with them almost 4 ½ years now.

Now that we’ve got a blog all set up on our new website, I’d like to make myself available for all your burning questions about food and cooking (and anything else you’d care to ask). So if you have questions about what to do with some odd ingredients in your home or if you want to know what it is we do to make our food so delicious here at Red Rocks, drop me an email at brian@redrockscafe.com and I’ll be more than happy to help you out any way I can. Don’t forget to check us out on social media to see what we’re doing and check out some beautiful pictures of our dining spaces and food!

Keep your eyes peeled for future posts from our team of chefs, as I’m sure we’ll be discussing some fun and exciting things coming to a Red Rocks Café near you!

Chef Jamie Weatherly

Hi and welcome to Chef’s Corner! Just a brief info, my name is Jamie Weatherly and I am the locally respected and soon to be world famous Executive Chef of Red Rocks Cafe at Strawberry Hill. I have been with this lovely company for close to 17 years now; that is several lifetimes in “restaurant years” and a true testament to not just how well Red Rocks treats its guest but its employees also.

On the dawn of technology, we decided to join the 21st century, put away our VCR and start a monthly-ish blog focused around Red Rocks life.  What does that encompass…? Well that’s up to you of course!  We would like to share this outlet with our guests to cover any and every topic you’d like to discuss (excluding those few topics that have caused great wars throughout history, but I digress). 

We’d like to spotlight some of your favorite dishes, give you a glimpse “behind the curtain” and share some Red Rocks trivia and history, holiday meal suggestions, employee introductions, regular guest appreciation, what it means to be a member of the Red Rocks Family and our roles in the community. We can talk sports (keep it local people!), popular culture and of course…FOOD! It, second only to LOVE is indeed our specialty.

So…let us know what we can discuss please! We are super active on Facebook (Red Rocks Cafe Charlotte, Red Rocks Café – Birkdale, Red Rocks – Red Stone) and Instagram (@redrocksstrawberryhill @redrocksredstone, @redrocksbirkdale) . You can always email me at jamie@redrockscafe.com. And of course, stop on by and we can talk in person. A lot of our guests and regulars certainly share some of the same questions, intrigue and curiosity and we would love to explore all these realms; ultimately getting to know each other better.   This will be modeled after our Red Rocks philosophy and truly offer SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!!!